Hi fellow K-poppians! Thank you for reading.  If anyone reads this other than us, that is.

We know some of our opinions may not be well-received by others who love K-pop, but we only wish to be honest. We will never personally attack the artists, although their labels/management are fair game.  We will talk about everything from the latest video or drama, to the old-school k-pop groups, and even discuss the controversies that seem to always come up.   We will also discuss other genres of Korean music, such as Korean hip-hop and rock. We welcome all comments, but will delete those that attack others.  So play nice and enjoy!

About the Editors:
For background, I’m an American, and non-Asian. I’m also pretty much a noona to the boy groups and a unnie to the girl groups. With the exceptions of Shinhwa, the oldest in SUJU, Brown Eyed Girls (not including Ga-In), Park Bom, Dara, and a few other artists, I am older than most idols. It tends to make things a bit interesting. HAHAHA. I had heard about K-pop from a relative long before I actually started listening to K-pop and watching k-drama.  Since my first drama, I’ve become hooked on K-pop and probably know more than I should, but that’s the power of the Wave.

Speak Your Mind

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