K-Pop Dictionary

This page will be a list of terms common in k-pop and what they mean. Please suggest any words to be added or corrections.

Ahjumma: an older female, typically the age of a mother or aunt, but not your mother

Ahjusshi: an older male, typically the age of a father or uncle, but not your father

Aish: expression of frustration/irritation

Aja:  see fighting or hwaiting

Ani/Anyo: no

Annyeong: hello/goodbye, when you are close to someone only.

Annyeonghaseyo: hello, goodbye

Annyeonghigaseyo: goodbye only (“I’ll leave first”)

Antis: people who aren’t fans and go out of their way to criticize and attack the artists they don’t like

Babo: fool/stupid. Depends on the context.

Bagel Girl:  female with a youthful face and womanly/curvy body

Black Ocean:  form of protest where people wear black or don’t use light sticks

Byungtae: pervert/perverted. (see a lot of ‘idols’)

Daebak: win/jackpot/awesome. Used when something is a winner or incredibly amazing

Deh: yes (see Neh/Yeh)

Dongsaeng: younger person/sibling

Fandom: fan club

Fighting:  cheer for good luck and encouragement. Also sometimes written as “Hwaiting”

Flower Boy:  male with youthful features. Typically tall, thin, and more feminine/striking features

Gomawo: Thank you (informal)

Hoobae:  person who is your professional junior (Ex: 2NE1 is Big Bangs hoobae since 2NE1 debuted after Big Bang)

Hwaiting: cheer for good luck and encouragement (written this way since Koreans have issues with “f”) Also written as “Fighting.”

Hyung: literally means “older brother.” used by males to refer to older males/brothers. Usually if the person uses this term, it means they are somewhat close to the other individual *not always*

Kamsahamnida:  Thank you

K-Pop: Korean popular music

Love Call:  asking someone to either star in a show, promote a product, or appear somewhere. Also can be a confession/announcement of a wish to meet your ideal type. Can be used to show appreciation or respect for talent/growing popularity.

Maknae/Magnae: literally means “the youngest.” the youngest member in a group

Neh: yes (see also Deh/Yeh)

Netizen: a person on the internet, particularly in chatrooms or comment sections; Korean netizens are popular for being able to find out anything

Noona: literally means “older sister.” used by males to refer to older females/sisters. Usually if the person uses this term, it means they are somewhat close to the other individual *not always*

Nyam: yum/nom

Oppa: used by females to refer to older males/brothers

Sarang: love

Saranghae: I love you (informal)

Saranghaeyo: I love you

Sasaengs/Sassaengs: crazy stalkers posing as fans

Stans: Fans who are loyal (sometimes overly so)

Sunbae: person who is your professional senior (Ex: Big Bang is 2NE1′s sunbae since Big Bang debuted before 2NE1)

Ulzzang: “best face;” used when referring to a person who gained fame due to their looks, typically on internet sites

Yeh: yes (see also Deh/Neh)


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