For those who, like myself, aren’t lucky enough to live somewhere with an actual K-Pop radio station, I suggest the internet radio station BIG B RADIO.  The station plays K-pop, J-pop, and C-pop.  While there are designated channels for each genre, there is also a main channel that plays all three!  No matter which is your preference, you have an option.

Not only that, but you can even request songs. There are request DJs, all volunteers from around the world, who take requests from both Twitter and the Chatango Room.  If they are there and able to, these DJs will play your requests.  The DJs also sometimes host marathons of artists.

You can also chat with other people from around the world who love Asian music.  All in all, BBR is great and has a great variety.



For K-pop news and gossip, I previously used ALL KPOP.  However, due to some of their actions, AKP is, in my opinion, a trashy tabloid masquerading as a “news site.” I suggest using perhaps Soompi, or other news sites (there are plenty.) If you like quick (important) news, analysis and in-depth reviews, as well as simple fun posts, then go over to Seoulbeats.


There are multiple sources out there. I personally use Dramafever, Viki, and Hulu.

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