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What We Editors Discuss: The Indecent Eyebrows (Part 2: K-Music)

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted anything. Sorry folks, we’re busy. However, that doesn’t stop us from discussing all types of things. Recently, in a normal “OMG, he is soooo hot” conversation, we started fangirling over eyebrows. That’s right. EYEBROWS. Those lines of hair above the eye than can completely change a person’s face and show their emotional state.

We got on this subject after seeing an article about Ahn Jae Hyun and him once being told he should get plastic surgery. Bullcrap, right? The guy is gorgeous. Including those lovely eyebrows of his. This led to us listing our favorite sets of eyebrows and the lovely people they are attached to.

So, which delectable men have “indecent eyebrows” in the world of K-music?

B.A.P’s Himchan (the hotness)(HimChan might not be my bias, but damn that stare of his)


BIG BANG’s T.O.P (so many photos to choose from, so he gets 3. This guy is the hottest. *brain does not compute*)(he honestly is the one we looked the longest for; too many good shots of him. how were we to choose just one? *sigh)


top3 top4

Block B’s B-Bomb and Zico (Minhyuk will be the death of me.)(he is a hidden gem in Blockbuster, but he’s finally shining. his expressions are killer)(Zico is a lovely you try to stay away from and end stuck to. damn both of them, damn this group)


BtoB’s Hyunsik and Peniel (this might just be my favourite photo of Peniel)(also, approaching comeback!!)

HyunSik Peniel

EXO’s D.O., Kris, and Xiumin (Does Kris still count as being in EXO? Eh, who cares?) (until the lawsuit is done with, he’s still officially part of EXO in my eyes. So, yes {it’s either that, or we transfer him to the actors’ post})  (…so I just realised, KyungSoo’s gif? it looks like he’s jerking it ‘having a good time’ and someone asks him if it was good and he raises his hand? I don’t know, blame my mind) (MinSeok MinSeok MinSeok….damnit. his face is just. #1) (bad Juju, bad. hahaha)(blame my bat mind hahahaa)


GOT7’s Mark (i, no lie, fixate on his ‘brows way too much. and his lips) (and his devilish smile)(just his face, honestly. how)


INFINITE’s Hoya (I’m not the biggest Infinite fan, but I’ve always had a weakness for HoYa and his b*tchface. he’s got a death stare and the eyebrows to match *love*)


M.I.B’s Kangnam (pretty sure that sh*t is structured, but they look niiiice {his LIPS, damnit})

SPEED’s SeJoon (I like SPEED, but besides Zico’s brother and SungMin, I know none of the members. this dude’s got nice ‘brows, though)


Super Junior’s Siwon (I like how you go and find a semi-indecent photo of him to share {are those tattoos real??}. I approve hahaha)(pfft you know they’re not real. I can’t help that, of his most recent photos, the best one is him looking like that. hahaha)(uh huh, i’ll take your excuse. haha shame about the tattoos, but a girl can dream)


Topp Dogg’s Nakta and SangDo (don’t know them, don’t listen to them, but damn their pretty faces and those ‘brows *stares*)


WINNER’s Mino (refined eyebrows, nice)


ZE:A’s Heecheol (I feel like this photo should have been taken at the beach? hahaha)



There were, of course, more people we discussed and wanted to include, but couldn’t for various reasons. For instance, MR.MR’s DoYeon and Jin, but dangit, finding quality photos or gifs was pretty impossible. There was also the sheer length of this post. K-music holds a massive amount of good looking men with impressive brow action. Enjoy the eye candy!!

Stay tuned for more conversations (re: perversion and badness) from the editors!

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