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Throwback Thursday: Tasha a.k.a Yoon Mi Rae

Spotlighting old school K-Pop artists who started it all.   Today I’ll talk about the female dynamo that has become Korean R&B and hip-hop royalty: Tasha Reid a.k.a Yoon Mi Rae.

Born in the U.S, and facing down obstacles due to being biracial (African-American and Korean), Tasha (Real Name: Natasha Shanta Reid; DOB: May 31, 1981) has rose to the top of the Korean hip-hop community.  Known as the Queen of Korean Hip-Hop, Tasha has solidified her position in Korean music legends. Her talents rival those of even of her counterparts world-wide, and she is recognized for her skills and pretty much total bad-a$$-ness. She has accomplished a lot in her 32 years and continues to go strong, and even released more solo music last year.  An artist, wife, mother, and role model, Tasha is a woman to be reckoned with and respected.


Uptown Albums

  1. Represent (1997)
  2. Represented… Now Believe (1997)
  3. Mutual Best (1998)
  4. Chapter 3 in History (1998)
  5. Absolute Power (1998)
  6. Verbal Medication (1998)
  7. History (2000)

Tashannie Albums

  1. Parallel Prophecys (1999)

Solo Albums

  1. As Time Goes By (2001)
  2. Gemini (2002)
  3. To My Love (2002)
  4. T Best (2003)
  5. T3-Yoon Mi Rae (2007)
  6. 떠나지마 (2011)
  7. Get It In (2012)

MFBTY Albums

  1. Sweet Dream (2013)



Yoon Mi Rae first debuted with the co-ed group, Uptown, in 1997. At the time, she was only 16. Although her age sometimes limited the promotion Uptown could do, she was seen as someone who could grow and had the talent to succeed. In 1999, Tasha joined up with Annie Lee,  to create the project group, Tashannie, with Tasha as the vocalist. The duo focused on hip-hop and R&B and their music led to Tasha receiving even more positive attention.

After Uptown split up in 2000, Tasha began her solo career, under the single initial T. In 2001, she released her first solo album, “As Time Goes By.” She went on to release several albums and singles, her latest being “Get It In,” in 2012.

In 2013, Tasha joined up with Tiger JK and Bizzy, to start the group MFBTY (My Fans Better Than Yours.) They released their track, “Sweet Dream” on January 20, 2013. Upon release, “Sweet Dream” ranked #1 on various charts. In July 2013, MFBTY announced their move from Jungle Entertainment and started a new label, FeelGhood Music. In late 2013, Tasha once again teamed up with Bizzy and Tiger JK, for Tiger JK’s album, The Cure (under his stage name Drunken Tiger, but this was essentially MFBTY)Tasha also participated in the OST for Master’s Sun, with the release of “Touch Love.” Her song went on to win “Best Original Soundtrack” at both the MelOn Music Awards and Mnet Asian Music Awards. Most recently, on January 16, 2014, the MV for her collaboration with CHOPS and Tiger JK, “Turn It Up,” was released. This was made possible by the use of Kickstarter, where fans donated funding for the project.



When Tasha isn’t being a mother to her son, Jordan, or wife to Tiger JK, Tasha is still active in the music industry.  She still reminds people of why she’s one of the best in the business. She’s not just a rapper, she’s a singer with one heck of a soulful voice. Tasha is also active in charity work. She recently partook in a concert to benefit children and was part of a clothing brand campaign to raise awareness for bullying.  Tasha, along with Tiger JK and Jordan, participated in the MLB’s “Green Label Campaign,” which is a clothing tag to help prevent the loss of children.  Tasha continues to set an example for women, and men, everywhere.

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