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2013 in Review: Our Comeback Wishlist

With each year, we get way so many comebacks, that it is hard to keep track.  Often, our favorite groups come back and wow us (*coughBlockBcough*). Even though we love and are thrilled with their comebacks, we still feel like something is missing. Naturally, there are artists we wish would have made comebacks. Here is our 2013 Comeback Wishlist: the artists we wanted, but didn’t get.



Now, we understand that all the members had solo music come out this year. However, there is nothing like BIGBANG as a whole. Despite YG stating that the group will have a comeback, we didn’t get to see them as whole. MAMA doesn’t count. WE WANT NEW MUSIC!!! hahaha. It’s been too long without the group, and they are sorely missed. Add the fact they are now at the age where their military service is beginning to be unavoidable, it would be nice to have as much as of their music as possible. Hopefully, there will be a full group comeback early 2014.

Epik High


2013 marked Epik High’s 10th anniversary. Yep, that’s right, 10 YEARS. While the group did release a collaboration track to celebrate the event, they didn’t release any official music. BOOOOO. It’s been a good for year for hip-hop, and sadly, the legends that are EH were missing from the action. Their inspirational and irreverent lyrics, coupled with their super swag, makes them a force to be reckoned with. We wish they had been around this year, and EH should be around every year.

JJ Project


Last year, JJ Project was one of our favorite rookie groups. So, naturally, we were looking forward to their comeback this year. Yet, it never happened. We were teased with seeing the duo appear as lovable characters (amusingly, JB character was a trainee) in the hit drama, When a Man Loves. This only heightened the desire to see them come back. When rumors began floating about that JYPE will debut a new male group, expectations were high that perhaps JB and Jr. would be amongst them, and thus return to the stage. Luckily, these two are now members of GOT7 (with JB being the leader). I’m glad they’ll be back on stage, but will miss these guys as a hyperactive, fun duo.



The King of K-Pop, Rain, finished his military service this year. YAAAAAY!! Many k-pop fans, including us, celebrated his return. Anyone who truly enjoys showmanship would understand the hole Rain’s absence left. So, naturally, we would have loved for him to have released some music this year. We were treated to watching Rain get his grease on during his fantastic MAMA performance. Thankfully, he made a comeback at the beginning of January 2014. Since I missed and wanted him during 2013, he’s still on the list.

Side Note: 2NE1 and Secret

Yes, both 2NE1 and Secret had comebacks this year. However, the 2NE1 and Secret we love were missing. 2NE1 lacked the bombastic attitude coupled with powerful songs. Their power as artists was nowhere to be found and their songs were a bit of a miss. Secret’s sultry charisma was gone, and they reverted to sickeningly sweet cuteness. Although their vocals were spot on, something was still…not there. Basically, the attributes that made us love 2NE1 and Secret, and set them apart, as artists didn’t make a comeback. Which totally sucked. We hope to see these ladies return to the awesomeness soon.


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