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BLOCKTOBER: Favorite Songs – Solo/Sub-Unit Review

Once again, it’s BLOCKTOBER in the k-pop world. BLOCKTOBER YAY!!! For those who are unaware, BLOCKTOBER is basically the BBC’s celebration of the return of Block B in October. After another painful and rough year for Block B, they are returning to us this month. So, in honor of that, BLOCKTOBER is taking over K-Pop Krunch!! All posts will be about Block B. In case you haven’t figured it out, the editors of the blog are BBCs. We love our Babies (that’s what we affectionately call Block B) and are strong supporters of the group. In addition to reviewing their new music, we’ll also talk about our favorite songs that they’ve released over their tenure. In particular, we’ll talk about our favorite non-title tracks.

Block B isn’t just amazing as a full group. They are also talented as individuals, which leads to great solos and subunits. While the rap line has released several mixtapes, they’ve also released two official songs on Block B’s albums. Taeil and Kyung have released solo songs on albums, as well. Now, if only we can get B-Bomb, U-Kwon, and Jaehyo to have solos or subunit songs on albums (UBOMB should sing and dance to an R&B song, like they did in their showcase. Just saying.) [Shown videos are live performances; Studio versions are hyperlinked in the text.]

“LOL” – Zico and Kyung

In “LOL,” Zico and Kyung point out how different Block B is from other groups. Zico discusses how despite his status, he works hard and has the skills to back up his attitude. Kyung speaks out against the idea that looks are the most important. In the end, while some will discount them, Block B will be the leaders amongst their peers and will gain respect. They will have the last laugh, so to speak.

They are real and have not been made into what a company thinks will sell. No fakeness with them. They might not be the prettiest (though i beg to differ, but that’s my opinion. There isn’t only one model for beauty, nor is it only skin deep) (my babies are HOT)(like burning), but they have pure raw talent that overflows at every border. They’re unapologetically THEM, and you’ll hate them for it and end up loving them anyway.

“No Joke” – Zico, Kyung, P.O

“No Joke” calls out basically every “idol” group that does hip-hop and those who discount Block B because of their personalities. Despite the derping image Block B has, the group wants to point out, through P.O, when it comes to music, they are not a joke. They work hard to make solid music, even suffering monetarily. As Kyung puts it with “duplicity like Harvey Dent,” meaning he has two sides: the smiley, foolish guy, and the serious man in the studio. Zico speaks to how he sacrifices his health and social life for his music, and his skills put him in the same category as the top rappers and in the position as the leader of the next generation of rappers.

“Where Are You?” – Taeil

“Where Are You?” is a song about, after breaking up, realizing that you now understand and love that someone. Upon hearing this song for the first time, it is hard to ignore how it is emotionally impactful. (I cried. That is no exaggeration.) On Block B’s first full album, Taeil was given the chance to shine, and he shined brightly. Those of us, who have followed Block B for a long time, know that Taeil has a gigantic and strong voice that doesn’t seem to fit his “Baby Taeil” image. (Can we get him on “Immortal Song 2,” already? Maybe we should start a petition.)(I have been saying this) In “Where Are You?,” Taeil showcases this voice and moves one’s soul with the vulnerability this track displays.

“When, Where, How” – Kyung (ft. Jo Hyuna of Urban Zakapa)

The grease. No other way to put it, but this song is about sex or “some special Cucumber time.” (Thanks, Juju). In this song, we are treated to Kyung singing, and duh-duh-DUUUHHH, it’s great! He has a mid-range, raspy voice which fits the tone of the song well.

This is the Grease Master (because he is) at his best. He gifts us with not only his suave, sexy lyrics and rap, but with some singing as well. This song is provocative and flirtatious and tells of Park Kyung and an (madly lucky) unknown lady and the softness of a (good) morning after. There’s a sweet, understated feel of mutual appraisal and plain want that resonates throughout the song. As well, there’s the cucumber beckoning the girl to come closer and continue what started the night before. (mmm, sex with Park Kyung…..)(Go take a cold shower hahaha)(shush!) The song is a lyrical tango between Kyung and Jo Hyuna, and leaves you with a strong sense of desire.


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