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BLOCKTOBER: Favorite Block B Songs – “Mental Breaker”

Once again, it’s BLOCKTOBER in the k-pop world. BLOCKTOBER YAY!!! For those who are unaware, BLOCKTOBER is basically the BBC’s celebration of the return of Block B in October. After another painful and rough year for Block B, they are returning to us this month. So, in honor of that, BLOCKTOBER is taking over K-Pop Krunch!! All posts will be about Block B. In case you haven’t figured it out, the editors of the blog are BBCs. We love our Babies (that’s what we affectionately call Block B) and are strong supporters of the group. In addition to reviewing their new music, we’ll also talk about our favorite songs that they’ve released over their tenure. In particular, we’ll talk about our favorite non-title tracks.

Today’s track is “Mental Breaker,” from the previous album, Blockbuster. ♫♪ Mental Breaaaaaaaakeeeeeer ♪♫ ♪ Lalalalala Lalalalala ♫♪

D.I.S.C.O!! Boogie on down with some disco, baby. Ah, “Mental Breaker.” One of the most infectious and fun songs from Block B, and written/co-produced by Zico.(I like how you put that in, but a lot/most of Blockbuster’s songs are co-created by him haha)(giving credit, where credit is due. Non-BBCs should realize how Block B is not just talented as rappers/singers) You can’t not dance along, or at the very least tap a foot. (If you manage to, I pity you hahahaha.)(I dance in my head, really well, might I add) WARNING: Try not to die from the overall cuteness and silliness of the below performance. (PO’s aegyo and ummm gold pants, Kyung’s shoulder dance, Baby Taeil, U-Kwon’s swag dance….*sigh*)(Princess JaeHyo in those shorts and his voice, the clothes they all wear{can I have them?}…seriously great)

[Version 2]


As mentioned before, with “Mental Breaker,” Block B ventures into the world of Disco. While disco is popular in KPop, you rarely see it incorporated fully into a Hip-Hop track. Block B does this successfully. The song features a very simple drum beat (meaning, no excessive percussion instruments) and also a bass guitar to play the main melody bass line. We also have a shaker providing an extra layer. As the chorus picks up, we hear more electronic instrumentation, with the use of synthesizers, which keeps the disco sound modern. At the beginning, the track is introduced by crowd sounds (think that you’re at a disco or street party…just go with it). We also have the quintessential mumbling of Zico at the beginning, including his “Z-ah-co.” Later on, we hear, what I think is a combination of a harpsichord and light electric guitar sound. (not quite sure what they use to create that sound)(harpsichord! such a complicated word, why can’t we call it a fancy piano? though I do like the sound of the word..) Throughout the song, the bass line provides the groove needed to dance. Once again, Zico sings. (I admit, I like this.) P.O has also taken on a more “vocalist” role, by interjecting during Taeil’s part of singing of the chorus. He still does an enthusiastic rap at the end. B-Bomb has more of a complete, though small, section, which is a good change. Taeil is naturally belting out his high notes. (How does he do that? ugh)(I have no idea. he leaves me in awe every damn time) My only complaints are U-Kwon and Jaehyo’s parts in the song. U-Kwon’s is exceedingly repetitive, and Jaehyo only gets a small portion. Jaehyo could have sung some Taeil’s parts.


The lyrics tell the story of a man and the confusion he faces in a relationship: is this girl his girlfriend or just a friend? She constantly calls him, to the point even the man’s friend questions their relationship. Yet, the girl never truly lets her feelings be known. The girl is fickle and seems to want to date the man, but doesn’t clarify her intentions, doesn’t seem to want to actually go ahead with it. (Personally, I think she enjoys the hold, the power she has over the guy.) The situation leads to a “mental breakdown:” the man is in a state of constant confusion, which he doesn’t like, but yet, can’t seem to leave the girl. (*cough sucker cough*)  All-in-all, the song is about the games girls play with guys. (because guys never do that…)(every gender,male, female, transgendered, does it. Bunch of buttholes hahaha)

Final Opinion

If this song wasn’t played in clubs, there’s something wrong with SK.

The music is bright and fun, with distressed and confused lyrics, which somehow works and leaves you humming and wanting to dance.

I simply love this song. Even though it’s not funnest of tracks lyrically, the music keeps you dancing and seems to be full of joy. 5 of 5 ~Andy

A joy to listen to. Perfect 5 out of 5. ~Juju


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