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BLOCKTOBER: “Very Good” Review

Once again, it’s BLOCKTOBER in the k-pop world. BLOCKTOBER YAY!!! For those who are unaware, BLOCKTOBER is basically the BBC’s celebration of the return of Block B in October. After another painful and rough year for Block B, they are returning to us this month. So, in honor of that, BLOCKTOBER is taking over K-Pop Krunch!! All posts will be about Block B. In case you haven’t figured it out, the editors of the blog are BBCs. We love our Babies (that’s what we affectionately call Block B) and are strong supporters of the group. In addition to reviewing their new music, we’ll also talk about our favorite songs that they’ve released over their tenure. In particular, we’ll talk about our favorite non-title tracks.

On October 2, 2013, Block B released their mini-album, Very Good, and boy, was it very, very good. With the album release came the release of an absolutely bombastic title track, “Very Good.” With a rock and hip-hop hybrid track overlaying a chaotic MV, Block B unleashed themselves again. You have to watch the MV multiple times just to pick up on all the details (and to just relisten to the awesomeness). Check out the amazing MV below and then read on. DISCLAIMER: FANGIRLING AHEAD. You’ve been warned.

First Reactions:

1. ♥♥B-Bomb♥♥
2. *stares* asdfghjkl; (unable to have a coherent thought during the MV)
3. mad-house of awesomeness
4. Everything and everyone else is irrelevant, now.

1. Oh my cow, they’re BACK!
2. Sexy-arse clowns
3. U-Kwon’s FACE when he’s running away from the dog HAHAHA
4. Park Kyung and leather whips….*walks away*
5. Baby Taeil  ♥♥♥
~ Juju


“Very Good” is a rock-electronic-hip-hop hybrid track. (Can I just say this would be fun as heck on “Guitar Hero” or something?)(…I wouldn’t know, I’ve played that game once in my life hahaha) (I have a bunch of them haha) The combination of rock and electronic encompasses the theme of the song and the dance/onstage performance. We are first lead into the song with a rocking rhythm guitar. (But, seriously, what’s with that random “Food Fight” in the background? hahaha)(I like it. Maybe it’s them telling everybody that they’re back? Like a warning, or something….I don’t know, talking out of my arse, over here hahaha) Soon, the drums join in, with a simple rock beat. When the vocals begin, in the background, you can hear what sounds like a fire alarm beeping (which fits in well with the MV). The lead guitar starts chiming until the beginning of the chorus. At this point, the electronic music takes over with synthesizers (the “Very very good” part). With the second verse, the rock music once again takes over, and matches well with Zico’s rapping.  Once the bridge comes in, the rock music and synthesizers are combined, and this continues through the rest of the song. Synthesizers and the guitars trade parts throughout the song. During Jaehyo’s part, we’re also treated to sounds of voices raised, shouting, which adds to the “riot” feel of the song. Also, to create further impact, there are moments of silence in the music. (That screaming guitar is also awesome. My inner rock-lover rejoices.) With the voices, one thing you’ll notice almost immediately is the more evenly distributed lines. (Jaehyo still needs more lines, though.)(At least he’s not repeating the same lines over and over again like in 빛이 되어줘…) The talent of the members as individuals is displayed. First, as usual, we have Zico introducing the track with his, rather interesting, English. It wouldn’t be a dance-title track by Block B without it. You also have P.O taking the role as a rocker, along with U-Kwon. They fit the sound needed perfectly. (Imagine P.O in a Punk-Rock band?) Then there’s Taeil and his high notes. Perfection.(♥)


Basically, Block B is telling the world how awesome they are and that, despite what my be thrown at them, they are here to stay. (we already knew this hahaha) The group is there to start a party, and they are going to do it, whether you like it or not.  If you don’t come out, they’ll charge into the space. We see this reflected in the dance, as well. Block B pushes forward and you also see Jaehyo and B-Bomb pushing/fighting against U-Kwon. Block B entreats people to just let go, forget the typical image of boy groups, and enjoy the chaos. (Block B is definitely chaotic) The chaos they speak of is also a part of the dance, near the end, where they just go all out crazy and unchoreographed on stage.


Block B unleashed a video of fabulously fashionable bedlam. From the insane hairstyles, the crazy clothes, and general chaos, we are taking on a joyride that would be like The Joker on an acid trip. First, in typical trolling fashion, we think the video is going to be a serious bank-robbing-themed MV (the teasers, of course, hinted at craziness). Of course, it was anything but, when the music starts, and we are presented with a velveteen black tie robbery. Every member has a character they play. B-Bomb is the leather-and gold chain-wearing wheel man.(Dude is getting hotter every time I see him) Zico is the red suited-bun haired leader, who likes to sweep up debris. P.O is in charge of knocking out cameras, and has a taste for red lipstick.(Now I want to see him do drag, hot~) Jaehyo is, well, I have no idea, other than in charge of charming the ladies.(His face is magic, yo) Taeil is the adorable, lollipop sucking, explosions expert. U-kwon’s role is the kitty running away from the dog (I suppose he was in charge of securing the hallways, but he failed).(HAHAHA) Kyung is in charge of (bad) graffiti (which I’m assuming was used to block the views from windows.) There are also sub-scenes during each member’s respective parts (Zico and PO/U-kwon have a quite a few). Zico’s feature him looking as ridiculous as possible with brightly colored hair and being swagtastic, and there is a half-a-second shot of him cozying up to two ladies (that are not the typical skinnies of the KPop world.)(HOT. Those tattoos….*walks away*) B-Bomb’s scene features him looking hot as heck in the back of a van.(I want his pleather shirt) (I want him out of his shirt. Just saying) Jaehyo gets his arse kicked down by a hot lady (with two lovely knockers) (pretty sure this is true to life hahaha). (Agreed. Her back though, poor her) P.O and U-kwon’s scenes feature them as rockers, which is an accurate depiction of their respective vocal parts. U-Kwon also seems to have a thing for jewel encrusted masks and LOTS of leather. Kyung’s part is pure madness centered around food (this is the Pickle, after all.) He seems to be the main course for some individuals with a sketchy cannibalistic appetite, and likes to play with his whip. (lovely kink)(Him showing off his leather whip…yeah, let’s not go there) Finally, Taeil is a cute maestro pretending to conduct and play a violin with a knife and fork. (Honestly, to me, he seems like one scary dude is hiding behind that angelic smile of his. just one bad move and BOOM, you’re decapitated. Cutie pie that he is, you’d never see it coming) At the end of the video, we are treated to classic Block B: being as utterly crazy as possible, including Kyung’s infamous shoulder dance. But wait, it’s not over. On October 7, 2013, Block B trolled us all and released a SECOND crazy MV, the “Maximum Close Up” version. (oooooo)(Yes, let’s get up close and personal :P) This MV was all about the boys being “the boys.” The backdrop wall, that had “CRAZY” graffiti on it, was an accurate description. In the second version, we are treated to close-ups of the handsomeness that is Block B. Not only that, but we get to see some (probably cringe-worthy) aegyo from U-Kwon and P.O.  With more of the dance being shown and, once again, a free-for-all at the end, the new MV emphasizes the silliness that is Block B. (yes, I’ve repeated this three times hahaha)

Finally, they released a dance version of the MV, which gives us a full view of the dance. (B-Bomb chest popping. That is all.)(B-Bomb in that corset. THAT is all)  Like their stage performances, the dance break in this MV is different from those in the other MVs. Block is always keeping it fresh and surprising.

Final Opinion:

(I think this MV had a subplot: kinks.)

All fangirling aside, “Very Good” is an expression of who Block B is as a group and as artists. They are a crazy and confident group who will not be confined by expectations and boundaries. Their music is not pigeon-holed by their characterization as a “hip-hop idol group,” nor will they be the typical cute boy group (though they can be cute.) Block B lives for their music and the stage. They will be themselves, regardless of how utterly ridiculous they may seem. At the end of the day, Block B will produce the music THEY want to produce and do it with flair. Artists, not Idols.

Fun, crazy, and fantastic. 5 out of 5, naturally ~~Andy

They came back with a BANG and boy was it awesome. 120% YES ~~Juju


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