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BLOCKTOBER: Favorite Block B Songs – “11:30”

Once again, it’s BLOCKTOBER in the k-pop world. BLOCKTOBER YAY!!! For those who are unaware, BLOCKTOBER is basically the BBC’s celebration of the return of Block B in October. After another painful and rough year for Block B, they are returning to us this month. So, in honor of that, BLOCKTOBER is taking over K-Pop Krunch!! All posts will be about Block B. In case you haven’t figured it out, the editors of the blog are BBCs. We love our Babies (that’s what we affectionately call Block B) and are strong supporters of the group. In addition to reviewing their new music, we’ll also talk about our favorite songs that they’ve released over their tenure. In particular, we’ll talk about our favorite non-title tracks.

Up first is “11:30” from the previous album, Blockbuster. ~ Andy
You just have to mention the song, and I get a stupid smile on my face. One of my favourites of theirs. ~Juju

Bow chika wow wow. “11:30” is baby making music at it’s finest. (If you don’t know what baby-making music is, well…that’s too bad. I’m not explaining what it means hahaha) While most of us are accustomed to hearing Block B lay down some heavy hip-hop tracks to make you dance, Block B also knows how to put out smooth tracks. My first reaction to “11:30:” Hot dang, someone’s been listening to Marvin Gaye. (♫♪ Let’s get it on ~~ aaaaaa~~ let’s get it on ♫♫. Oh, sorry. *cough*)(Way to get sidetracked. hahaha)(Attention span of a gnat, remember? But it’s not completely off topic. There’s Block B member[s] we‘d like to get it on with. hahaha)(hahaha I know, I know. and true….Dang it, now you’ve got me thinking bat thoughts) Then, I just wanted to answer Taeil’s questions. Admit it. You did, too. Just close your eyes and enjoy the smooth sexiness that is “11:30”.

The Music:

The instrumental for “11:30” is what keeps this song in the realm of smooth R&B. The simple piano melody is the main focus of the music. The other instruments are also used simply. No overly complicated drum beats or guitar riffs. Just a simple mix of some high hat, snare with rim shots, and a light crash cymbal that has me humming the song long after I heard it. (with some awkward dancing when no one is around) It’s simply addictive.  However, I would like to point out the importance of the guitar during Zico’s rap part. It puts your mind in the place of a smoky jazz bar grooving to the band while with your significant other.

As to the voices, Taeil’s voice is of course perfect for songs like this. The man has soul and a clear, rich voice. (Taeil’s voice is heaven) However, we can’t forget the other vocalists, U-Kwon and B-Bomb. (minus Jaehyo, who was absent during the recording of this particular track. I think he was filming for a drama or something)(Which is a shame, it would have been nice to see how his voice fits with all of the others in a song with this particular feel) The two showed off that they aren’t just the dancers in the group. The guys can sing, and their light voices fit in with the sweet lyrics. I definitely enjoy the difference between U-Kwon’s more baritone vocals to B-Bomb’s lighter melody, they contrast and mesh together into this really pleasant sound that just keeps you going back for just one more listen. (I swear) You would think that the rappers would detract from the smoothness of the song, but it does not. Zico has always had a raspy-voice style, so the “gentle swag” comes through. P.O’s deep voice pretty much ensures he can do no wrong in a R&B-style song. (I would start referring to him as the Luther Vandross of Korean Rappers, but I’d be conflicted since TOP is the same hahaha. And no, I’m not comparing the two of them, saying PO is a copy, or other BS that people like to say.) Kyung’s voice also doesn’t take anything away from the track.  Since Kyung is used to being greasy, it’s an easy fit for him to rap greasily. (Personally, I think that Kyung’s voice is the perfect fit for songs like this one. But I may be biased. Maybe.) All the voices of the members are able to smoothly overlay the music to keep the sexy feel of the song.

The Lyrics:

Amusingly, the lyrics to the song are not as “scandalous” as one would think. The song is simply about meeting someone they love and desire for a date. (And more) In many parts, it’s the story of young love: the feeling of nervousness, innocent and sweet thoughts, the excitement of seeing that special someone. However, the English lyrics are not so innocent and full of innuendo (which I love.) Taeil’s “How to do it?” and “Do you want it?” Maybe it’s just me, but there is a sexual connotation in those words. (Not just you) We shouldn’t be surprised by this, considering the individuals who wrote the lyrics – Zico and the greasy pickle himself, Kyung.

Final Opinion:

This song is REALLY awesome. Like many of their other tracks, it showcases Block B’s ability to use different genres and make the song their own. No pretense, no awkwardness. Just simply good music. (Amen)

So, I give it 4.5 out of 5. I’d give it more, but the Pretty Princess is missing hahahaha. ~Andy
For me…hmm. 4.75 out of 5. I really want to give it a perfect score, but you are right, the lack of JaeHyo is a miss. The only one, really. 대박, 진짜진짜. ~Juju


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