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BLOCKTOBER: “Be The Light” Review

Once again, it’s BLOCKTOBER in the k-pop world. BLOCKTOBER YAY!!! For those who are unaware, BLOCKTOBER is basically the BBC’s celebration of the return of Block B in October. After another painful and rough year for Block B, they are returning to us this month. So, in honor of that, BLOCKTOBER is taking over K-Pop Krunch!! All posts will be about Block B. In case you haven’t figured it out, the editors of the blog are BBCs. We love our Babies (that’s what we affectionately call Block B) and are strong supporters of the group. In addition to reviewing their new music, we’ll also talk about our favorite songs that they’ve released over their tenure. In particular, we’ll talk about our favorite non-title tracks.

Block B has officially returned to BBCs, and did so in a beautiful fashion. After months of rumblings on twitter of Block B being up to something (from the members and those who work with them), it was suddenly announced that Block B would be under new management, with Seven Seasons. (So thankful toward these fine people who joined together to support the Babies and take care of them.) Random teasers began to appear on the Seven Seasons YouTube channel (short video of U-Kwon running/flashing his signature kitty smile. PO and Jaehyo being smooth in suits.) On September 16, Seven Seasons uploaded an official teaser for Block B’s comeback. Soon after, On September 23, Block B pre-released “Be The Light.” In true Block B fashion, we were all trolled. (Only having an excerpt made available for the international fans was killer. Thank you Andy for your awesome detective skills and for whoever it is that posted the song on their Tumblr) We waited patiently for the MV to be uploaded at 12AM KST, only to simply get the song released. And what a song it was. Simply beautiful and perfect. Four hours later, the MV was also released. DISCLAIMERS: Serious fangirling possibly ahead. Be prepared. Please also note that interpretations are our own and may not reflect the true meaning of the song/MV.

First reactions to the MV:

  1. The boys look fantastic.
  2. The song is still perfect.
  3. I teared up near the end of the MV. It was very poignant and relevant

♥ ~Andy

First reactions to the song:

  1. That piano & guitar melody that begins the song had me sighing.
  2. Taeil’s voice kept tugging at my heartstrings with his emotional high notes.
  3. The emotions in their voices, I can’t. *the feels*
  4. That ‘please’ killed me.
  5. So many emotions, seriously.



This song is simply beautiful. (Have I said that too much?)(It bears repeating, over and over again) Initially, the song is simply an acoustic guitar and piano (with the addition of footsteps). The piano continues throughout the song, maintaining the softness and emotional feel of the song. When the vocals begin, drums are introduced, along with a synthesizer. The introduction of these instruments move the song along and add impact, but don’t overtake the softness of the piano. At parts where the emotion needs to be accurately portrayed, the synthesizer and drums drop out, and simply leave the piano. The music also backs off to allow Taeil’s power vocals to come through clearly. Although the instrumentals are powerful, they are still subdued to enable to members’ voices to be front and center.

Now, the voices. The song really showcased the vocal abilities of the group. First up, was Zico. Zico has recently began showing off his singing abilities, with “Movie’s Over” from Blockbuster, and now with “Be The Light.” (My old Zico feels are rising again. My poor fangirl heart)(..That happens almost every time they have a comeback hahaha)(hahaha Hush. Like you said, as my first bias, Zico has a special place in my heart).   Second, we have U-Kwon. His voice is soft and sweet, but in a way that adds to the song’s quitenesss. He sings of a useless feeling of hope for someone and not being able to get over them (or wanting to), which contrasts nicely with how he is singing. (It’s quite lovely)  Of course, Taeil sung the chorus. There’s no need to emphasize his beautiful voice. The man knows how to sing with proper power and emotion. Fourth, we have the the combination of Jaehyo and Kyung doing the bridge. It’s nice to hear Jaehyo show off his voice and prove that he’s not just a pretty face with the typical so-so voice of a sub-vocalist. Jaehyo shows that he can carry a chorus and emote properly, as well. Kyung is of course in charge of the English lyrics in the song and also does a little singing in his easily recognizable voice. Fifth, we had B-Bomb. With the use of vibrato, he properly showed strained emotions. Not to mention, hitting those lower notes. Super impressed since we don’t hear that from him often. (Your fangirl is showing) (my fangirl wants what she wants. And that’s to fangirl over B-Bomb hahaha.) Sixth, there’s Mr. Deep-Voice-sing-song-rapper, P.O. We are treated to P.O pretty much singing his part, until the last line. His part adds to the gentleness of the song. Seventh, there’s the trade-off rap part with ZiKyung. Zico and Kyung’s voice blended perfectly together and the interchanging of parts was spot on. Their back and forth has the feel of a bleeding heart laid bear. Although their voices were recognizable, they weren’t too distinct, which was great. Let’s talk about the ‘please’ for a moment, because not only did it take a few listens to figure out who says it (Kyung, after much reflection and listens), that one word holds so much emotions on its own; from desperation to hope, like a cry for help or someone simply crying out for someone else. (Thanks)

The song, melody and lyrics, has a feel of a heartfelt letter you write to someone you love, but that you will never get to give to that individual. It’s poignant and electrifying. (to me, at least)

I admit, upon hearing the song for the first timed, I had tears. Such a beautiful piece of music. Zico (and Pop Time) did an amazing job, which is no surprise. I still honestly get teary-eyed every time I listen to the song or watch the MV.


This song is seriously deep. My initial reaction when reading the translation was “WOW.” It is the heartfelt confession of a man who relies on someone, whether he is with them or not, to brighten his world and drive away the loneliness. (According to Seven Seasons, BBCs are the light for Block B. Ain’t that just sweet?)


U-Kwon is once again a punching bag. Block B, lately, appears to love a little violence in their MVs (“Nalina,” “Nillili Mambo,” and now this MV). Maybe it’s because his hair is so fluffy, that it looks good flying around on screen. I don’t know, but U-Kwon is once again getting his butt kicked by some goons. hahaha. The MV is very reflective, in that the actions of the female lead and the members mirror each other. For example, when U-Kwon is on the ground, reaching out, the female lead is doing the same thing, or when U-Kwon is collapsing, so is the lady.  Given that the lyrics speak to someone being inside of them, and as a light, the mirroring is a visual representation of those lyrics. The ending is also very poignant. We see the members coming to pick up U-Kwon and help him leave. (U-BOMB moment ftw!) Lyrics aside, the group has definitely been through a lot of hurdles, and I view it as showing how they pick up and support each other through the tough times. Also, if the Seven Seasons tweet is accurate, U-Kwon represents the group, while the rest of the members represent BBCs, in that BBCs are there to support the group no matter what. Also, the lady lead represents us, the BBCs, who suffer along with the Babies, but cannot do much to help. Only show our constant love and support. U-Kwon is the boys, getting taken down left, right, and center; the rest of Blockbuster being all of them, keeping strength, courage, and hope as an unit. The goons are every negative thing that’s ever been thrown at the boys. (that’s just my view on it) (I agree.) This was a scene with a lot of impact and relevancy. (Brought tears to my eyes. Seriously)(I clutched my chest and cooed. Yes, I am a grandma) Naturally, at the end of the video, Block B does a bit of open-ended final scenes. Similar to previous MVs, the ending leads you to believe that another MV to complete the story line is on its way. Thankfully, we WILL get a follow up MV to explain the scene, as “Very Good” will either be the sequel or prequel to “Be The Light.”

Final Opinion:

Block B has come back in such an amazing way. This heartfelt song will not only please your ears, but also touch your heart. There’s so much more that could be said, but it’s hard to put all the feelings into words.

Awesome. Addictive. Beautiful. Simply Perfect. 5 out of 5 stars. ~Andy

짱. Perfect and beautiful. 5 out of 5 for me as well. This song is the second coming of 눈감아줄께 for me. ~Juju


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