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BEG – Kill Bill Admiration Post


So Brown Eyed Girls finally (finally!) came out with a new single (not counting Recipe, because it didn’t have a MV) and can I just say, I am in love. This song is an ultimate for me, from the dramatic MV, to the sexy dance, and to the damn song itself. It’s an all kill (no pun intended). Now let me gush about this.

Let’s start with the MV (drama version) first: It’s a Kill Bill Parody. Now let me just say this, it is not an all out copy of the damn movie, so will people relax and stop with the stupid ‘oh, that’s not how the movie goes!’ comments and whatnot. Yes, it’s loosely based off of Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill movie(s); no, it’s not totally the same. (it’d be a damn shame {and boring} if it followed the movie exactly) Basically, it’s a murderous free-for-all. And remember to double pump to make sure they are dead. It’s fun, awesomely filmed, the girls look daaaamn good (and their acting isn’t bad), and the song. The song is so good. So good. It’s sultry and ‘dark’ (read the lyrics, now that’s vendetta), a mix of pop (electronic pop, like Abracadabra), some whistle-like country sounds and acoustic guitar riffs, and low toned voices that create a wonderfully passionate song that sticks to your mind and won’t let go.

The Dance for this MV is…yes. (hahahaha just thinking about it makes me giddy with how sexy, sassy, and powerful they are.) That opening move of the Dance version of the MV? Wow. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that went and rewind the video just to watch it again, it’s so sinfully hot. All of the dance moves are made to hypnotise you and keep you watching from beginning to end, with the swinging hips, breast and lips rubbing, and arse slapping. Like any ‘sexy’ concept dance, the movements flow like water, but honestly, I cannot remember the last time a MV (and dance) kept me going back like this one. It’s simply hot (and amazing), and if you have not watched it, do so (conveniently linked below).

The lyrics are full of this gleeful vendetta that’s just sassy and powerful. This song was composed by JeA and Lee Kyu Hyeon (or at least, that’s what the internet tells me), and tells the story of a woman who has been wronged by her guy and decides to take action (revenge!) and mocks the guy when he shows grief over the failed relationship. Basically, it’s awesome. (we need more strong!woman in Kpop)

Here are the translated lyrics from Pop!SAGA via Kkromanized:

I did something bad
Don’t look at me with those shocked eyes
Should I just confess everything now?
Guess why I didn’t pick up your call last night

Honestly, this isn’t enough
For the bad thing you did to me
This moment is so sweet
Seeing your
bewildered face

Who is worse, you or me?
It’s a good thing I caught you
Who’s in more pain, you or me?
Don’t live like that

This is too good to see alone
Seeing you break down

(So) don’t you wanna kill me?

This is the beginning, there’s still a long
way to go./ You need to learn a little bit more

“Why are you doing this to me?”
Is that really something you deserve to say?
Shall I get it all out of you now?
The names of everyone you made cry?

The girl who you thought was easy
The girl who was nice-looking
I’m different now, I haven’t even done
Half of half of what I prepared for your trial

One, two, three, four, come here
Hurry and come here before I count to ten

Don’t beg me just yet
Why, you don’t need to start crying already

Who is worse, you or me?
It’s a good thing I caught you
Who’s in more pain, you or me?
Don’t live like that

This is too good to see alone
Seeing you break down

(So) don’t you wanna kill me?

This is the beginning, there’s still a long
way to go./You need to learn a little bit more

Hey, I’ll let you go now
Run far away with all the strength you have

Hey, it’s over now
I’ll forever remember your
misery (I’ll forever remember)

Run, run away till you run out of breath
Everything is the price of what you did to me
Look at yourself,
you feel like going crazy, right?
With tears and snot, you look awful
Just know this
Compared to the humiliation you gave me
This doesn’t even come half as close
So stop crying like a child

Do you think this is the end?
Don’t be so sure
You might catch my eye again
Don’t catch my eye again

Change your name
So I can’t see or hear you

(So) don’t you wanna kill me?

It’s a small world, it won’t be easy
I hope you give up on love



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