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Rookie Spotlight: LC9

In this new series, we will be spotlighting rookie groups who have left a strong and favorable impression.  Since rookies haven’t released much by the way of singles/albums/MVs, these spotlights will be short and a way to recognize the members and familiarize yourself with the groups. This week’s rookie is new boy group, LC9!!


LC9 (Left to Right): AO, KING, RASA, E.DEN, J.HYO, JUN

Name: LC9 (League of Competition #9)
Label: Nega Network
Fan Club: Love Beat
Debut Date: May 8, 2013



RASA (Park Geon Woo)
Birth Date: August 9, 1989
Position:Leader, Vocal, Rapper

E.DEN (Park Hyung Jin/Carlos Jaedyn Park)
Birth Date: March 4, 1991
Position: Rapper, Dancer

J.HYO (Kim Jong Hyo)
Birth Date: June 5, 1992
Position: Vocal, Rapper

KING (Dong Woo Seok)
Birth Date: April 3, 1993
Position: Main Vocal

JUN (Park Jun Young)
Birth Date: February 23, 1994
Position: Vocal, Visual

AO (Kang Hyun Soo)
Birth Date: June 18, 1986
Position: Vocal, Dancer, Maknae


Prior to debut, J.HYO played a part (the guitarist) in Miryo’s (Brown Eyed Girls) MV for “Dirty” and E.DEN played a part in Brown Eyed Girls’ “One Summer Night” MV. In preparation for their debut, LC9 released a series of teasers to introduce the members. Generally, the members were either dancing, acting silly, or being cute. They also released a preview of their English song “Hold On.” The video featured singers J.HYO, KING, and RASA. On May 9, 2013, LC9 literally fought their way onto the k-pop music scene. LC9 released a music video that didn’t feature images of them dancing or singing, but instead, featured an action-packed fight sequence, with the track in background. The group voluntarily submitted their music video for “MaMa Beat” with a +19 rating, and understandably so.  All the members received training in order to pull off their own fight scenes, and with the addition of anime-like special effects, gave quite a memorable and exceptional performance.


So, what can we expect from LC9? Well, for starters, there’s the likelihood of three new members being added. From the beginning, it’s been expected for LC9 to actually be a nine-member group. It will be interesting to see how the addition of new members will change the dynamic. In the meantime, the current six members have found ways to stay in the mind of k-pop listeners. First, during promotions, they released a sequence of humorous clips called “MaMa Beat_Say What?,” which typically featured them surprising others doing part of the dance from “MaMa Beat.” Second, the group has released a couple of covers (“Just a Dream” by Nelly and “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction). Third, E.DEN (who is Canadian) temporarily hosted “Arirang Radio SUPER KPOP,” while labelmate Sam (LUNAFLY) was away. Fourth, the group has appeared on various shows and continue to occasionally post on twitter. Lastly, J.HYO recently starred in the MV for Lee Yu Rim’s “Call My Name.”


I expect big things from LC9 in the future and hope they continue to put up a fight. They have the talent and charisma to go far. In the meantime, here is a video of them being dorky.


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