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Nobody is Copying Your Precious Bias, so “Kindly” Take That Stick Out of Your Butt

I recently went on a mini-rant on twitter regarding the behavior of some k-pop “fans.”

“I do not understand the logic of some people. So, rookie band Say Yes is copying CNB, because of their sound?  Last I checked, pop-rock was a genre, not a CNB-specific type of rock. If that’s the case, every artist ever is copying each other.  If you base the claim on a few bars sounding like a CNB song (supposedly “Intuition”), then you should call out other artists for copying.  Tahiti’s new song sounds like Aly &AJ’s “Potential Breakup Song,” and the refrain in SHINee’s “Why So Serious?” sounds like a part of “Pour Some Sugar On Me.” Oh no, they are copying those artists!! Oh, and “Say Yes” does some dance moves: LEDApple copycats!! Seriously people. Be fair and reasonable. CNB doesn’t own pop-rock, and nobody is copying them. You’re just upset that another band can pull off the same sound just as well. Okay, I’m done.”

(Note: When discussing those artists copying, it’s sarcasm. I’m not really saying SHINee copied Def Leppard, or Say Yes is copying LEDApple.)

First, to all those claimers of copying CN Blue: They are not! The genre is generally categorized as British rock, which originated with the Beatles. (I suggest doing a quick internet search to see why I say the genre is British Rock.) Considering how none of the members of CNB are British in any sense, it’s safe to say their music style isn’t their “own” creation, but rather a spin on the genre. Which is what Say Yes has also done. First, the claim about “Intuition” is just wrong. If anything Say Yes’ beginning is similar to “LOVE” by CNB (but in a different key and has a slightly different beat pattern). If you are going to make the claim, at least make it seem more understandable. Some people say the lead singer is copying Yonghwa’s mannerisms. Please. Yonghwa doesn’t have a monopoly on finger waving or anything. Heck, the lead singer of Say Yes (Subin) isn’t even playing a guitar. Even more so, the group make-up is entirely different: no bass, 5 members, a freaking djembe player. Thankfully, some BOICEs stepped forward to speak out against the BS.

That’s enough of the specific details regarding the issue. Now, it’s time to discuss general issues in k-pop and a brief statement about music. (Note: I’m not talking about all k-pop fans. Just those special ones who should seek mental health assistance from a qualified professional)

OOOO, Such-and-Such is Copying Such-and-Such!!

Welcome to the world of idiotic k-pop fans. For some reason, there seems to be a misfiring in the part of the brain that controls logic amongst k-pop fans. There are some who think that everyone is out to copy their precious bias, even for the most simplest things. For instance, if a girl group has nine members, there will be SONES (and a large number of trolls) who will claim that they are copying SNSD. How is that even logical? Since when does SNSD have a copyright on having nine members? Or, whenever a girl group comes out with a hip-hop/pop hybrid style, some Blackjacks will claim they are copying 2NE1. Yeah, NO.  I understand that some things are synonymous with certain groups. However, these groups don’t have a monopoly on such things, and at some point, it’s illogical to make claims of copying. Super Junior is synonymous for dancing in lighted boxes for their MVs. It wouldn’t be logical to claim other artists are copying SuJu when they dance in lighted boxes. If it were logical, SME fandoms would spend all their time claiming SME artists are copying each other. They all dance in lighted boxes and do weird solo shots. So, how does this correlate to musical concepts? Let’s take hip-hop boy groups. Block B is a boy group centered around hip-hop. When B.A.P debuted last year, with the same style, I don’t remember BBCs claiming that B.A.P was copying. To be honest, from what I’ve seen, most BBCs are also BABYs. The same could be said for rookie group BTS. In comparison, there’s G-Dragon of Big Bang and Junhyung of B2ST (I’ll call them Joker and GD, for simplicity) . I constantly see people claiming that Joker is copying GD. People say that Joker is not only copying GD’s voice and style, but also his career. This is simply ridiculous. When I hear Joker, I can tell it’s him and not GD. To claim they have the same voice means you are either stupid, hard-of-hearing, or trolling. Also, since when does GD have the market cornered on pimp canes, thrones, and being a producer-songwriter-rapper? He does not, so cut the crap. The real indicator of how idiotic copying claims truly are is that the claims only go one way: you make the claim against others, but won’t say anything if it appears your bias is copying someone else. If someone else defends against your statements, you say they are just being biased. However, when someone says the same thing to you about your bias, you get angry. Simply put, it’s hypocritical.

I Declare “FANWAR!”

What is it with k-pop and fanwars? It never fails, no matter what artist it is, for fans to say something utterly offensive and stupid. Whether it’s another fandom making a bad comment on the video/article of a group that’s not their bias, or a fandom making a bad comment about another artist on their own bias’ video. It really makes no dang sense. It’s like a penis war: illogical, childish, and just plain stupid. It seems that many get some sort of sick pleasure on blindly “supporting” their biases, to the point of being downright imbeciles. (This isn’t including feeding the trolls.)  I mean, do these so-called fans really think they are helping their bias or are setting a good example? Sorry, but they have to be delusional to think such a thing. You make your entire fandom look bad. For instance, Cassies are particularly well known for being pretty bad and downright rude to “outsiders”.  (This doesn’t mean all Cassies are awful.) That’s one of the first things I read about them, even before knowing anything about DBSK/TVXQ. How does that contribute to the success of a group? It doesn’t. It breeds resentment and backlash. While I don’t believe in judging a group based on their fandom, it does impact the view others have on the group. This is especially true when someone is just getting to know k-pop. As fans, we are on the front-line in representing what k-pop is about. Can’t we all just get along?

Music: Cannibalistic Reproducer

Music, in its nature, is a cannibalistic reproducer. It’s not just evolving. Musical genres constantly feed off themselves and other music genres, creating new and altered music. For instance, rock music is the child of the cannablizing of jazz, rhythm and blues, folk, country, and classical music. Rock music has also started feeding off of rap music in order to create a new sound. Pop music, in the context we now use it (not simply popular music, as it was originally regarded as), is the product of every genre under the sun. From harmonizing commonly found in hymnals (HISTORY), Gregorian-like chants (EXO), disco (Block B or Dal Shabet), and others, pop music is undefinable as a genre.  Due to the nature of music, it is impossible, I repeat, IMPOSSIBLE, to say one artist is a genre of music.

Seriously people, stop with the claims of copying. It makes people seem incredibly stupid (like the one time I saw someone claim that an older artist was copying a newer artist, even though the first artist released the song a decade or more before the newer artist). Artists can’t corner the market on a genre, idea, style, or anything else, except their names. If they could, music would never progress and the selection would be severely limited. As k-pop fans, we should welcome quality groups and encourage the spread of the Hallyu wave. Why keep all the good artists locked in their brightly-lit boxes? What fun is there in that?

I feel the need to include the Say Yes video, because it’s a good song and they sound good. So, SAY YES FIGHTING!!

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