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Guide to K-POP: Wait….That’s a BOY?!

After a long absence from doing posts (life got busy), I’m returning with a new series of small posts called “Guide to K-Pop.” All of us have gone through a little shock when we are introduced to k-pop. Things are VERY different in the world of kpop than other genres. This series seeks to help newcomers know what to expect from artists, and hopefully, lessen the blow from the utter insanity that has just been experienced.  The first topic in the “Guide to K-Pop” series will be about androgyny and cross-dressing that’s rampant amongst kpop.



T to B, L to R: Ilhoon (BtoB); TOP, Seungri, GD (Big Bang); Dongjun (ZE:A), Sungjong (INFINITE), Dongho (UKISS); B-Bomb, Zico (Block B)

Cross-dressing in k-pop seems to be a rite of passage. Almost every boy group has done it, rather as individuals or as groups. Some do it to cover songs by girl groups (such as Big Bang as S.E.S, and Dongjun, Sungjong, and Dongho as Orange Caramel, in the photos above). There are also groups who like to re-enact famous drama scenes or to create their own drama scenes (such as Ilhoon in the above photo). Others do it as some sort of punishment on a variety show (B-Bomb and Zico in the above photo.) Regardless, you should not go into shock when you see boys dressed as girls. It’s all in good fun, even if some look better than us girls do. hahahaha. Sometimes, the cross-dressing results in a great level of hilarity, as evidenced by SHINHWA’s Eric in the video below (starts at 57 seconds).



T to B, L to R: Sungjong (INFINITE), Ren (NU’EST), Heechul (Super Junior), Taemin (SHINee)

Ah, K-pop boys. They can be so darn pretty–prettier than a lot girls, to be honest.  There is a select group of boys in k-pop who are so androgynous, that you question their sex the first time you see them. There is no need for them to cross-dress: They are as beautiful as girls in their normal state. It doesn’t matter how long their hair is, they still have such feminine features, that you have to look twice to see if they are a boy or girl. I know I had that reaction when I first saw Super Junior’s Heechul.   (Sidenotes: Taemin has since cut the hair and manned up, so he’s now affectionately referred to as “Taeman” instead–Still pretty, though. Also, due to Heechul’s military service, his long hair is gone, but his face is still as beautiful.)



I want to talk about one other person in particular that is an amazing example of how androgyny plays out in kpop: f(x)’s AMBER!!  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is indeed a girl in the above picture.  I remember when I first say Amber. While I knew she was a girl, I was admittedly surprised at how masculine her image was, in comparison to what I had seen from typical female artists: short, boyish haircut, always in pants, constantly wearing a ball-cap, never in heels, and a tom-boy image.  Personally, I really like that image, especially in the world of model-like girls in short skirts and kill heels. The most shocking thing for me was the number of people who actually mistook her for a boy.  The real amusing incident came when Amber was mistaken for a boy, which led to a “scandal” concerning 4Minute’s Hyuna dating a guy. The “guy” in the photos was actually Amber, who is a good friend of Hyuna. Admittedly, this may be a cultural issue (tom-boys are common in the US, and I myself, tend to dress less feminine than others). “Flower Boys” seem to be all-the-rage in kpop world, so perhaps that explains the confusion regarding Amber’s sex.  The fact SME will continue to perpetuate (Read: over-exaggerate) her image, will only continue to contribute to the mistaken belief that Amber is a boy.  Applause and respect should be given to Amber for her ability to maintain who she is, without compromise (also for her ability to be close to all the guys like most of us wish we were hahaha).


There you have it folks. Rather cross-dressing or just androgynous, k-pop is filled with beauty. Just remember, next time you see a girl, have a second look to make sure they aren’t packing anything under that skirt!


One thought on “Guide to K-POP: Wait….That’s a BOY?!

  1. HAHAHAHA !!! ” next time you see a girl, have a second look to make sure they aren’t packing anything under that skirt! ” !!!!
    I’m dying here !!!!!! HAHAHAHA

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