Review: B.A.P’s “Rain Sound”

On January 15, B.A.P pre-released “Rain Sound” from their upcoming mini-album.  Below is our review of the song and music video.


General consensus amongst the editors is that this song is just perfect. No, that is not our bias showing. It’s simply the truth. A lyrically emotional song with the appropriate emotions displayed within the voices of the members, and the music video, makes this perfection.  Yes, I know there is no such thing as perfection, but this is pretty dang close. I agree, this song is as close to perfection as anything can be. Just thinking about it -the song-, gives me chills.

Song Analysis


We are initially greeted with the sound of rain and an acoustic guitar.  As the song continues along, the percussion and bass line are added to provide more impact and drive the song forward. However, the addition of the percussion, synthesized strings, and bass do not overshadow the acoustic guitar, and only add to the melancholic feel of the song. The simplistic instrumental maintains the tone of the song. With the bridge, the piano is added, adding depth and providing a proper transition to the ending of the song.


Is this sound of the rain, your voice?
Is this a sound that calls to me?
Am I the only one thinking of you?
Will this rain comfort me?
Do you know how I feel?
I keep thinking of you

First, there was no Engrish. Granted, there is only one English sentence in the song (repeated twice by Bang Yong Guk: “I can’t live without you, girl”) and Daehyun sings “Oh, no” once.  However, they both sing/rap the parts flawlessly.  That’s an achievement on it’s own. We all know how notorious Kpop is for horrible English.

Lyrically, the song is a story of a man who can not forget the woman he loves and is haunted by memories of her. He questions whether he’ll be able to erase her  from his mind and if the rain will provide the needed solace. Yet, the rain continues to remind the man of the moment he fell in love with her.  The man can not escape the love he had for the girl.

The song is lyrically poignant and poetic.

Vocal Performances

Our first vocal introduction is done by Jongup. We normally don’t hear much from Jongup, but his mid-range voice is a nice lead-in for the song. We also hear more of his sweet and light voice during Bang Yong Guk’s rapping. While the lightness could have failed in this song, the tone does not take away from the sadness of the lyrics. Jongup has more lines! YAY! That is all. Your JongUp fangirling is hilarious, as always. (Mind you, I fangirled, too, when I heard him sing, and his dancing…Ok, I’ll stop now, while I’m ahead.)

Bang Yong Guk (BYG) begins the song with “singing” his initial rapping part. With his deep voice, you feel the depression he is trying to convey. With the introduction of the bass and percussion lines, BYG’s rapping becomes more powerful along with the instrumentals. YongGuk has come a long way, i think, from underground rapper to going into a group -a kpop/hep hap group-, dancing, writing and producing songs, and finally trying his hand at singing.

Zelo was particularly impressive with his ability to express proper emotions.  Similar to BYG, he “sings” his initial lines before going into his rap. Given his higher-pitched rapping style, not to mention his speed, it could have been difficult for him to express the sadness of the lyrics. However, Zelo was able to impart the appropriate level of angst needed for the song. Zelo left me speechless, at his parts in this song. From his singing, which, WOW, to his rapping. All of it conveyed so emotionally well and accurately..Just. Speechless.

Himchan’s vocal was a bit surprising. Although most B.A.P fans know that he can sing, we rarely hear it, especially in a pure form. Himchan’s deep voice is perfect for the song, as it adds to the darkness and melancholic feel. Himchan, physically -I think-, conveyed the emotions of the song, the best. Though it might have been the make up and his eyes…  Those eyes…

As for Daehyun and Youngjae, their vocals are always spot-on, and in “Rain Sound,” they don’t disappoint. Their ability to trade off as lead vocalist, and still have the same emotional depth each time, is only a further example of their vocal prowess. DaeHyun and YoungJae’s voices always affect me (all of the guys’ voices in B.A.P affect me), but in this song, they struck a chord.

Music Video Analysis

The MV for “Rain Sound” is artistically beautiful and emotionally provoking.  Symbolism, in relation to the lyrics, is throughout the video. For example:

  • the rain is like memories that flood their minds, instead of washing away their pain.
  • the shooting of the members represents how losing the girl is killing them.
  • the use of “rewind” to depict the constant returning of memories.
  • the bleak colors used (white, gray, black clothing) furthers the dark tone.

The sets (and the members interactions with the sets) for the MV are important, but the implications can be overlooked. If you look closely, the sets are like that of a mental institution, complete with gurneys and bleak lighting (the TV/Movie versions of mental institutions, at least).:

  • Jongup: old bed and ambulance
  • Himchan: mannequin head and playing with fire
  • Bang Yong Guk: room with a chair in the middle, which he breaks
  • Youngjae: mannequins on gurneys with IVs attached
  • Zelo: old flower in a pitcher, which he throws on the floor
  • Daehyun: darken, dungeon-like hallway, with Daehyun screaming as an overhead florescent bulb bursts

The use of the old film-reel and flickering florescent lighting effects also adds to the emotionally imbalanced feel of the song. The guys are going “crazy” without the girl.

The acting of B.A.P is also impressive. All the members are able to properly emote the sadness and frustration of losing the girl they love. From BYG breaking the chair to Youngjae weeping over a mannequin, you can sense their sorrow.  The tears and pain on the faces of the members adds to the despair, especially at the end of the song, when the lyrics express the final resignation to hopelessness.  Their acting will make you cry along with them. I sure did.

As for the dance, we do not see much of it, so the correlation with the song is unknown.  Since they currently are not planning on promoting “Rain Sound,” we may only see the full dance thanks to fan-cams of concerts. However, what we do see, is good.  The movements are slow, which matches the beat.  I personally loved Jongup’s spin. How does he do that without falling over?? Seriously. Too slow again. That spin had my head spinning and wanting to watch it over and over again.

One thing that we like about the MV, besides everything, is that there is not one girl for six guys. It’s just a video showing how humans can break and deal with lost love. It deals with memories, but not in an obvious way, and the emotions that are connected to said memories.

Overall, we give “Rain Sound” a 5 out of 5. We simply love the song and video.

~Andy and Juju


Sources: TSENT Youtube and Color-Coded Lyrics


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