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Sound Off: Trust Hell to Ensue

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So, I was asked my opinion on the most recent issue with Block B. Initially, I was not going to talk about it, but after seeing so many things floating around, I feel the need to rant about what is happening. Let me start off by saying that no matter what, I support Block B. They are artists who deserve all the love and success that they gain.

If you are not up-to-date on the most recent happenings, Block B has sued their label, Stardom Entertainment. Luckily, the drama surrounding Block B is not a result of something they did themselves. The current suit stems from, undoubtedly questionable, actions by Stardom Entertainment. You can read translations concerning the statements from the parties involved here, here, and here. As to the reality of the situation, we can only sit back and wait for the situation to be handled in the courts or through arbitration. We should not pass any judgment until all the facts have been set out and made clear.

Now, this leads to what I really want to rant about: fan reactions. Seriously, people, WTH?!

1.) News comes out about the group, AS A WHOLE, and your first concern is disbandment? As BBCs, your first concern should be about the physical and mental well-being of the guys! Nothing more, nothing less. My initial reaction: Those poor boys; always having to deal with tough things. All this talk about “Are they going to disband?,” “OMG, I hope they don’t disband!” etc. should not have crossed your mind; at least not immediately. I even saw someone comment about how Zico should go solo (Newsflash: Zico already does things as a soloist. Where have you been since his predebut? Heck, where were you the last couple of months in 2012?). Such things also ignore one important fact about the situation: BLOCK B FILED AS A GROUP!! They filed the suit as 7 members and friends. Some are making a comparison with DBSK. What I’m about to say is based on various things I’ve read, so it may not be 100% correct. First, the situations are different. DBSK wanted musical freedom and freedom from a horrid contract, while Block B wants to get paid. Second, even before the suit was filed, DBSK had internal schisms, with JYJ doing things separately. Up until now, as far as I know, Block B has no internal issues and have been promoting together, as usual. When the DBSK suit was filed, JYJ were the only ones to do so, so the damage was done. We have no evidence of such things happening with Block B. The comparisons need to stop now! The boys have always shown their love and reliance on each other. They have stuck together through all sorts of drama. So, as BBCS, we should continue to have faith in the group and stop the disbandment talk. You are helping no one; least of all, Block B and yourselves.

2.) On top of disbandment talk, fans are already speculating what new label the group would be under. At no point has there been any hint of them actually leaving Stardom. Admittedly, I jokingly made remarks about them going to Brand New or YG Entertainment; but it was said in jest, and was not serious in any way. However, others are seriously considering what new label Block B will move to as a result of the suit. Block B is a part of the Stardom Family, and until the boys say they are leaving, the BS about them leaving needs to stop.

3.) As BBCs, you should not be having a freaking hissy-fit over the situation. You should know the boys well enough to realize that they are strong and one. Have they ever showed us anything different? They share each other’s joy and pain, happiness and sadness, success and failures. I understand being a bit surprised by the situation, I know I was, but as BBCs, we’ve been through enough to face the situation calmly. I don’t want to say “real BBCs,” but, I feel that somehow it’s appropriate in this situation. The BBC fandom is filled with people of immense hope and faith in a group of silly derpers who create fantastic music. Where has that faith gone? A real BBC would never lose such hope. Oh, and to those who trashed Block B during the Thailand BS and are now crawling back: Just stop. To those who have remained calm and cool: Thank you!

To conclude, please, stop the insanity and pessimism. This is a time to show the boys that we are still behind them and have immense love and respect for the group. BBCs will always have Block B’s back. Block B Fighting!


For Amusement (got to love BBCs)


2 thoughts on “Sound Off: Trust Hell to Ensue

  1. Finally !!! that’s what a BBC should be !! it’s really ridiculous ,, if you see my twitter i didn’t say ANYTHING except that i support block b and i trust them no matter what !! i was shocked when i saw some comments ,,, the thought them not being together ?!! it’s just stupid if you are a real BBC you wouldn’t say that ever !! i kept my silence till now but thank you for finally saying all the things that should’ve been said !! in the end BBC got your back ❤

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