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2012 in Review: Female Rookie Reserves


You may be wondering why I’m calling these lovely ladies “Rookie Reserves.”  These artists are rookies I feel were either good, great, or have massive potential, but weren’t nominated for a MAMA.  Those who were nominated were: AOA, SPICA, Ailee, JUNIEL, and HELLOVENUS. That’s why those five will not be on this list.  I’m also omitting Lee Hi, since she owned the charts and is an award winner multiple times over. With over 80 (that’s right OVER 80) rookies debuting this year, these girls really stood out amongst the massive flood. Without further ado, here are my rookie reserves. (In alphabetical order)




Members: Baek Yerin and Park Jimin

Label: JYP Entertainment

Debut: October 5, 2012 with “I Dream”

Park Jimin was the first winner of the competition Survival K-Pop Star. Baek Yerin became a JYPE trainee at the age of 10.  The duo’s name derives from their age (15) and the hope for successful futures (&).




Members: UJin, Ram, and Zin

Label: D-Business Entertainment

Debut: August 1, 2012 with a full length album, Welcome to Business

Their debut title track was “Missing You.”  D-Unit subsequently released the track “Luv Me.” They are preparing to add a new member with the next comeback, and are planning to continue adding members with each new come back.  Whether or not members will leave is still unknown.




Members: Yull (Main Vocalist), J-Da (Maknae, Lead Rapper, Vocalist), Hayana (Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual), Jucy (Main Rapper), Say (Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist)

Label: Stardom Entertainment

Debut: August 10, 2012 with Let Me Explode!

The title track for their debut was “We Are a Bit Different.”  Members Say and J-Da made an appearance in labelmate Block B’s music video “NanlinA,” and Jucy was an underground rapper known as “Juni.J.”



Members: Solji (Main Vocalist), LE (Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer), Hani (Lead Vocalist), Hyerin (Vocalist), Junghwa (Maknae, Lead Dancer)

Label: AB Entertainment

Debut: February 16, 2012 with Holla.

Their debut promotional track was “Whoz That Girl.” In April, three original members (Yuzi, Dani, and Haeryung) left the group to pursue other things.  In July, new members Solji and Hyerin were revealed.  On August 15, EXID released their mini-album, Hippity Hop, and promoted with the track, “I Feel Good.”  Most recently, they promoted the single “Every Night.”



Members:  Cao Lu (Vocalist), Yezi (Maknae, Vocalist, Rapper), Cheska (Lead Rapper), Jei (Leader, Vocalist), Hyemi (Vocalist), Linzy (Lead Vocalist, Visual)

Label:  LOEN Entertainment

Debut: August 31, 2012 with “Vista”

Fiestar contains members from Korea, China, and the United States.  Prior to debut, the group released a duet with IU, entitled “Sea of Moonlight.”  They also pre-released “Wicked,” which is a collaboration with hip-hop artist, Tiger JK.  On November 9, Fiestar released their second single, “We Don’t Stop.”



Members: Miso (Maknae, Vocalist), Zinni (Main Rapper), Dahee (Vocalist), Jiyeon (Leader, Lead Rapper, Vocalist)

Label: BIGHIT Entertainment & Source Music

Debut: July 15, 2012 with “Party (XXO)”

GLAM stands for “Girls Be Ambitious.” In October, the group released “The Person I Missed, ” for the Five Fingers OST.  Prior to their comeback, member Trinity decided to leave the group.  On January 1, 2013, GLAM released their second single, “I Like That.”




Members:  Jiyoung (Maknae), Jinah (Leader), Taeyeon, Seyeon

Label:  Line Entertainment

Debut:  May 17, 2012 with the single, She’z Holic

The group is comprised entirely of vocalists. She’z first promotional track was “My Way.”  On June 25, 2012, the group released their second single, Night and Day. In October, She’z released their most recent single, Love > Sick. They promoted with the track, “UU.”




Members: Dohee (Vocalist, Visual), J.Min (Leader, Main Vocalist), Myeong Ji (Maknae, Main Rapper, Vocalist), Mint (Lead Rapper, Main Dancer)

Label:  GNG Productions

Debut: August 23, 2012 with the track “Tiny-G”

Tiny-G means “Tiny Giants” and expresses their belief that despite their tiny sizes, they are strong like giants. Prior to debut, they released the track “Polaris,” which was written by Jay Park and Lee Si-young on the show Music and Lyrics.


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