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Announcemnet: Sorry Guys

It was pointed out to me that I tend to update the K-Pop Krunch Facebook page mostly with guy-related things. Sorry. I swear I’m not sexist.  What girls I do follow don’t update that often. If they do update, it normally isn’t something like a selca, but rather their nails, food, pets, etc. Or amusing conversations. HAHAHA. I also considered how most, if not all, my readers are females. I was very concerned about splitting up the Eye Candy for this reason. I feared that the female eye candy would be ignored, even though they are gorgeous. I went ahead with it since, honestly, the page was getting way too big, and many eye candy photos were getting lost in the shuffle. However, I want everyone to get goodies and updates from all their favorites, rather girl or boy. So, in effort to be more fair and inclusive, I’m doing two things:

  1. Creating a Twitter account specifically for KPK. I’ll still be using @AndtheReqDJ to communicate with everyone. However, I will create a KPK account to follow k-pop artists and actors/actresses. My current Twitter accounts are a bit overloaded. HAHAHA. Once I get it set up and start following people, I’ll let you know. You can follow both it and me personally.
  2. Tell me who you want me to provide updates on, and I’ll keep track of them. I already do tons of updates from boy-groups (Big Bang, FTI, CNB, Block B, Teen Top, BtoB, etc.). So, if there is a particular group, girl or boy, you want me to keep track of, let me know!

In the meantime, a video from my favorite girl group: 2NE1. These girls totally kick butt.

Once again, I’m sorry if I’ve seemed unfair or sexist. I’ll try to do better and work harder.


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