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Annoucement: Reader Votes!

Once again, I’m allowing readers to participate in blog content. Over on the Facebook page for the blog, I have set up a new poll. Readers will now be able to determine who will be the next featured “NOONA KILLER”.  Feel free to vote for either those I’ve already listed, or even suggest your own.

Also, as the year end nears, I’m thinking of doing my own “awards.”  Readers will be able to select who they think should win year-end awards. Who do you think should win Male Rookie of the Year, Best Come Back (such as PSY vs. Epik High), Best Female Soloist Rookie, Best Video, Biggest Breakout Star, Best Style, etc?  I will think of the typical and some new fun categories to vote on, as well as nominees. If you have any suggestions on who should be nominated, let me know. Hopefully, I’ll start voting at the beginning of November, so keep an eye out on the blog for the information!  If nothing else, this will be just as seemingly valid as other awards (you know who you are) and simply be fun.

Thank to those of you who are reading and have a great weekend! K-POPPIANS FIGHTING!!


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