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Memorable Choreography: Part 3–Sexy Sirens

So, while asking for input on sexy dances, I realized that the majority of the ones I could remember were females.   So for today, I will be listing some of the sexiest choreography performed by female k-pop artists. As expected, most of these dances have created some controversy.  At the very least, these dances have left a mark on the industry and its standards on what women can get away with on stage.


Brown Eyed Girls: “Abracadabra”

Before this song and dance came out in 2010, the fierce quartet, BEG, wasn’t very commercially popular. However, this simple and sexy dance, complete with floor action, captivated the audience.  The hip dance has become popular and the girls have been recognized for their sensual looks and attitude.  They have cast a spell over fans.

SISTAR19: “Ma Boy”

Chairs, heels, legs, and boy rolls upon body rolls.  When Hyorin and Bora, of sexy group Sistar, came together to form the sub-unit of ‘SISTAR19,’ they produced a memorable dance that had all the boys drooling and wishing to be Sistar’s boys.

Secret: “Poison”

This is relatively new, but it has still created a splash. Secret has always been known for their curvy look, but it came out in full force with their latest release.  The dance features leg-spreads, hip rolling, and chest-shaking. Naturally, the choreography has come under fire.  Some have complained about the short outfits, the spread-leg dance, and general sexiness.  Their sassy attitude only added to the sexiness.

Rania: “Dr. Feel Good”

Rania debuted with a sexy concept for “Dr. Feel Good.” Of course, they stirred of controversy, as people saw the choreography, coupled with the outfits, as being too provocative. In response, Rania changed the choreography and their outfits.  The original choreography features spread-legs, hip thrusts, and floor dancing. The dance for this, in a way, created Rania’s image.

Miss A: “Bad Girl Good Girl”

Miss A came out with a bang when they debuted with “Bad Girl Good Girl.”  If the song itself wasn’t sexy and bad-attitude, the dance only made it more so.  The intro featured sensual acrobatic movements. In the actual song, the choreography featured the constantly-copied floor dance, butt-shaking, and a lot of sass.

Lee Hyori: “U Go Girl”

There’s a reason Lee Hyori is known as the sexy queen of k-pop.  The dance for her song “U Go Girl” featured lots of sassy hip-shaking, but not much else by way of typical sexy choreography. However, sometimes less is more. Even though Hyori wasn’t grinding on the floor, the attitude, smile, outfits, and hips still made this dance sexy.

G.NA: “2Hot”

G.NA’s latest promotion was definitely hot. It even created a stir due to the belief that she actually kissed one of her female backup dancers.  The dance showed off G.NA’s sexy side with spread-legs and lots of hair flipping.

HyunA: “Change”

HyunA came out in all her glory with “Change.” Although not as controversial as “Bubble Pop,” the dance for “Change” was definitely sexy, most notably for the hip movement and floor body-rolls.  HyunA showed that she could be more than just sexy: she could actually dance.

After School: “Flashback”

After School has always been known as sexy divas, and “Flashback” is no exception.  Featuring sensual moves and leg-spreading action, the group once again brought the sexy for this choreography.

Rainbow: “A”

This choreography caused quite the stir in Korea. Although the dance featured booty- and chest-popping, along with body rolls, the big issue was the “tummy dance.”  In this portion of the dance, the group would lift their shirts to show their abs. Some deemed this to be too sexualized. However, Rainbow has said that Japan was more accepting of the dance.


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