Input Needed: Sexy Choreo

So, I’ve decided as part of my “Memorable Choreography” series to do a post on the most sexy dances in k-pop, past or present. So far I’ve thought of Rain’s “Love Song” and Rania’s “Dr. Feel Good.” If you don’t know why I picked these, just go watch the videos. You’ll see. HAHA.  By sexy, I mean things like hip-rolling, groin-grabbing, thrusting, lip-licking, spread-eagle, butt-rubbing, dropping-to-the-floor types of choreo. (I apologize to any sensitive minors for all the previous descriptions)  Simply, I want you guys to tell me what you think was some of the sexiest choreography in k-pop and the type that brings out the byungtae in you or others.

Drop your picks in the comments!!


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