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Memorable Choreography: Part 2–Rookie Boy Group Edition

Today I’m going to post a few videos of male rookie groups who have left a mark. I think these groups have shown themselves to be great in the dancing/choreography area and will continue to bless us with their great moves.  Whether it be powerful, intricate, or cute, these dances were some of the more memorable ones from rookies this year so far.


B.A.P: “Power”

Since I had B.A.P’s “Warrior” already, going to pick another one of their dances, because let’s face it, every dance they do is memorable.  Once again, the boys were unapologetically confrontational. They pretend to shoot each other and Jongup does a fall. They also smacked their butts and do a dance with spray cans: How awesome is that? Although BYG was hurt during the promotions, he still danced and the group put on a powerful performance. And no, B.A.P, we don’t hate you 🙂  We just wish you would release dance practice videos. hahaha

EXO: “History”

While I perhaps could have used “MAMA,” there’s a reason why I chose “History”: The vibrating pants…that’s all. They had you questioning whether they were using their hands or a device to make them move that quickly. EXO-K and EXO-M have definitely come out as as groups with great dance skills, so I included both of them.

NU’EST: “Face”

They actually used chairs. I’m always a fan of the use of props, especially elevated ones,  in a dance (which is why I like Shinhwa’s “Wild Eyes”).  The dance also matched the songs well: fast when the tempo is fast, slow when it slows down.  The use of the dance to tell the story of the song was also nice.

A-JAX: “Hot Game”

I simply love the dance.  I think one key factor in a dance being memorable is if you do it when the song comes on. I dance the parts of the dance I’m able every time I hear the song. hahaha. A-JAX used all the member effectively, such as domino moves (meaning on person does it, then each other person does it down the line), and the side snap was old school. There’s also the hip thrusts. Just saying.

VIXX: “Rock Ur Body”

The dance is cute and the song is good.  With their video-game character moves, quick position changes, and high energy, they catch you attention.  They are definitely a rookie group to keep an eye on.

24K: “Hurry Up”

This group is definitely a dark horse of the rookies. The dance for their debut is intense and fast moving. However, they pull if off flawlessly, especially thanks to dancers Daeil and Byungho.

BtoB: “WOW”

All I can say is the title of the song definitely fits the performance. The throwback style of dance, complete with hip rolls and high stepping position changes, and the maturity they have shown definitely make this a fun dance to learn and a fun song as well.  They also seem to have fun, which is a plus.

JJ Project: “Bounce”

They literately bounced around the stage and had you head-banging right along with them. You were also willing to shake it for them. Their cute expressions and playful, yet smooth, moves only added to the charm and energy.

Tasty: “You Know Me”

What can I say, these twins are tasty. Their dancing skills were long standing, considering they were dancers at JYPE.  Now with Woollim, they pulled off a charismatic and synchronized dance that grabbed your attention.

Cross Gene: “La Di Da Di”

So strange and complicated, that you couldn’t forget the group or the song.  They seem to make sitting on the ground look complicated, yet the rest of the dance easy. There were even acrobatic moves.  They pulled off quirky well.

Honorable Mention

100%: “Bad Boy”

100% is reminiscent of their label dongsaengs/sunbaes, Teen Top, but edgier. They use the floor  well and fill the stage. The choreo is hard-hitting, exact, and very charismatic. They have a lot of potential.


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