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Oppa:  term used by younger females for older males/brothers.

Oppa Heartbreakers:  term I just created to describe young ladies, who oppas (and uncle fans) love, innocently and not so innocently.

**Please note that this may not be as good as my “noona killers” simply for the fact I’m coming from a female’s perspective, instead of a male’s.**

“The Nation’s Little Sister”

Today’s  spotlight is on IU.

Stage Name: IU (derived from I and You)

Real Name: Lee Ji-Eun

Birth Date: May 16, 1993

Label: Loen Entertainment

Fan Club: No Name as of yet

Debut Date:  September 18, 2008


  1. Lost and Found (2008)
  2. IU…IM (2009)
  3. Growing Up (2009)
  4. Real (2010)
  5. Final Fantasy (2011)
  6. Real+ (2011)
  7. Spring of a Twenty Year Old (2012)


IU debuted in September 2008 with her first mini-album, Lost and Found, which wasn’t a very big success, commercially.  However, her first full album, Growing Up, brought her growing recognition and success. Her promotional song, “Boo,” was successful and made her a contender on various music shows.

While her work for the variety show We Got Married (“Nagging” with 2AM’s Seulong) and the OST for drama Road No. 1 (“Because I’m a Woman”) brought her more success, her big break came in 2010 with her third mini-album, Real.  The track “Good Day” from the mini-album would bring her multiple awards from music shows and award programs.

IU gained more fame due to her role on the hit drama, Dream High, in early 2011. In November 2011, her second full album, Last Fantasy, with the promotional track “You and I,” achieved an all kill on the charts. Once again, IU would prove to be a favorite amongst Korea.  Most recently, she released her single, Spring of a Twenty Year Old.


So why is IU such a favorite among oppas and uncle fans?  Well, in my opinion, it’s due to her talent and personality.  IU has a beautiful voice that simply makes you feel good.  There’s also her personality. IU has adorable charms that instantly draw you in. Even as a woman, I’m completely charmed by her.  Mostly, she’s sweet and kind. Stories about her generosity are relatively common and she always shows support for her fellow artists.  If you have seen her hosting Inkigayo, you know she is funny and has an approachable cuteness. After seeing her on Running Man, I can  see how she has a dual personality of being both cute in a childlike sense, and also a mature young woman. IU is also pretty sneaky. HAHAHA  Then there is her tendency to touch the butts of her female friends. How can you not love a young woman with spirit like that?



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