Announcements / Important / Under the Radar


Just a few announcements:

1. There won’t be posts for a couple of days (probably till Monday) due to it being the weekend, which means football and errands.

2.  I’m currently working hard on a new category of posts called “Under the Radar.”  These will be all about artists I find underrated and under-appreciated.

3.  I want to do a post about K-pop in the countries of my readers (Thanks Jello for the suggestion). So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me information in the comments under “Feedback.”  I want everyone and their friends to participate in this. Talk about things such as: how popular it is, how people view it, etc.

4.  You may also notice the site changing. I’m trying out new themes and formatting to make the site more user friendly.  I’ll allow people to vote on which they like the best later (if you guys will vote hahaha).

I’ll now leave you with a preview of my first “Under the Radar” artist (minus the leader, since he’s apparently still injured).



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