My Intro to K-Pop

My first introduction to K-pop was a Korean drama: “Boys Over Flowers” or “Boys Before Flowers.”  One day, this drama was randomly recommended by Hulu, and as soon as I started watching, I was hooked. Filled with tension and humor, it’s a must watch for anybody who enjoys K-pop.


A headstrong girl from a lower-income family saves the life of a kid from a high-class family while delivering dry-cleaning to the elite high school.  In an effort to quiet the scandal, the girl is given a scholarship to attend the elite high school. Adventures follow her as she becomes a student and meets the F4, the boys who run the school.  The story follows her growing involvement with the F4, the lives of those involved, and the love lines that develop.

Main Characters/Actors:

  • Geum Jan Di/Koo Hye Sun: strong daughter of a dry cleaner and the main protagonist
  • Goo Jun Pyo /Lee Min Ho (F4): leader of the F4 and tormentor of students; Jan Di love interest
  • Yoo Ji Hoo/Kim Hyun Joong (F4):  sensitive F4 member with a tragic background; Jan Di love interest
  • So Yi Jung/Kim Bum (F4): artistic prodigy and playboy; love interest of Jan Di’s best friend, Chu Ga Eul (Kim So Eun)
  • Song Woo Bin/ Kim Jun (F4):  the “muscle” of F4 and charismatic; father is believed to have ties to organized crime; always there to rescue Jan Di and his friends

Important Things:

  • F4 means “flower 4.”  They rule the school and are known for their good looks and family money.  Amongst comment sections, you’ll often see those who listen to k-pop refer to guys as members of the F4 or the new F4.
  • Goo Jun Pyo’s mother is a major bad guy in the story, so keep a look out for her machinations.
  • Typical K-drama themes:  memory loss, family deaths, money problems, class distinctions, mean girls.


With the OST for “BOF,” you see great songs from popular k-pop groups. Particularly T-Max (Kim Jun is a member), SS501 (Kim Hyun Joong is a member), KARA, and SHINee contributed to the OST.  There are also hidden gems by those who aren’t as famous as the idol groups, so be sure to check those out.

Main Theme: “Paradise” by T-Max.


“Because I’m Stupid” by SS501

“Stand By Me” by SHINee

“Wish Ur My Love” by T-Max

“Making A Lover” by SS501

“Love is Fire” by KARA

“Fight the Bad Feeling” by T-Max


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