Hello World and K-Poppians!

Finally, I have started a blog about the something I love: K-Pop!!  A genre in itself, K-pop has begun to take over the world, reaching not only those in its country of origin, South Korea, but also people in Europe, North America, South America, Central America, the Middle East, and other Asian countries.

K-pop is filled with people who have spent years of their lives dedicated to training: dancing, singing, rapping, and learning foreign languages; all on their way to becoming “idols” and the desires of fan boys and fan girls around the world.  Not only do “idols” hail from Korea, but they also hail from Japan, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Canada, and the US.  K-pop is a conglomeration of multiple genres: rock, pop, hip-hop, and R&B.  There is something for everyone in the world of k-pop, which is why it has become a global movement and sparked an obsession, albeit not a healthy obsession for some (I will discuss that later).  All-in-all, K-pop features catchy tunes, incredibly talented artists, subtle – and not so subtle – social commentary, amazing dances, and A LOT of beautiful people.

K-pop leads the way for the Hallyu Wave (the influx of Korean culture flooding the world) and has spawned a great interest in Korean food, fashion, and TV/Movies.  Some may find it unappealing and criticize the wave, but it has opened the world up to experiences they may not have known otherwise. The Hallyu Wave is truly an example of how the world has now become globally connected.  So here’s to K-pop and the Hallyu Wave! Cheers!


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